Game of Life in JQuery

Hi All,

I’ve just done a tutorial video on JQuery, I chose to hack together a quick version of the Game of Life.  This tutorial aims to show how JQuery can help you modify the DOM on the fly and do some nifty manipulations.  I hope you enjoy.

Please let me know if there are other JQuery topics you would like to see covered in a ‘practical’ style video.

Guido Tapia

Manager – Custom Software Development

PicNet Pty Ltd


About The Author

Guido Tapia

Chief Technology Officer – Software Development. Guido has led the development of Enterprise Risk Management system Risk Shield and the award winning web application, Mouse Eye Tracking - a usability tool that reveals website visitor activity. In addition has led numerous software projects for blue chip Australian organisations and specialises in Java, .Net and Javascript development.

2 comments on “Game of Life in JQuery

  1. Nice work!

    One minor typo:
    In placeRandomCells(), line 31, it should be ‘<’ instead of ‘>’:
    (Math.random() < chanceOfLiveCell)

  2. Thanks tedge, script updated

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