Game of Life in JQuery

Hi All,

I’ve just done a tutorial video on JQuery, I chose to hack together a quick version of the Game of Life.  This tutorial aims to show how JQuery can help you modify the DOM on the fly and do some nifty manipulations.  I hope you enjoy.

Please let me know if there are other JQuery topics you would like to see covered in a ‘practical’ style video.

Guido Tapia

Manager – Custom Software Development

PicNet Pty Ltd


About The Author

Guido Tapia

Over the last 2 years Guido has been involved in building 2 predictive analytics libraries for both the .Net platform and the Python language. These libraries and Guido's machine learning experience have placed PicNet at the forefront of predictive analytics services in Australia.

For the last 10 years Guido has been the Software and Data Manager at PicNet and in that time Guido has delivered hundreds of successful software and data projects. An experience architect and all round 'software guy' Guido has been responsible for giving PicNet its 'quality software provider' reputation.

Prior to PicNet, Guido was in the gaming space working on advanced graphics engines, sound (digital signal processing) engines, AI players and other great technologies.

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2 comments on “Game of Life in JQuery

  1. Nice work!

    One minor typo:
    In placeRandomCells(), line 31, it should be ‘<’ instead of ‘>’:
    (Math.random() < chanceOfLiveCell)

  2. Thanks tedge, script updated

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