Windows 7 Upgrade Chart – simplified

You may find it useful that one blogger over at ZDNet has posted his own version of the Windows 7 upgrade chart after the official Microsoft one looks complex with over 66 options in the chart See the whole story here: Simplified Windows Upgrade Chart (Not MS Official) courtesy of ZDNet

Aug, 12, 2009


Social Networking and its role in the workplace

There is still a lot of discussions in the corporate workplace about the appropriateness of Social Networking sites with heated discussions in both camps. There are those that say it’s completely non-work related and that FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like should be flat out banned while others see it as a new opportunity […] Read more

Aug, 11, 2009


Google to make their own OS?

Image courtesy of   Just as Google has bought many of its apps out of beta this week it has announced it is working own its own Google Chrome Operating System! Is this the new golden bullet operating system for Netbook PC’s???? It looks as if Google is entering more and more into Microsoft’s […] Read more

Jul, 09, 2009


Are you ready for Windows 7?

Image courtesy of Unless you have been hiding under a rock you would know that Microsoft has set an official release date of Windows 7 on October 22. Other websites are even saying that a Release to Manufacture (RTM) could be ready as early as July 13. PicNet has been a keen follower of […] Read more

Jul, 07, 2009


Which browser do you use and why?

Image courtesy of There is much more competition in the browser market these days. Long gone are the days when Internet Explorer ruled. Many people are ditching the empire’s browser in favour of others such as Mozilla’s Firefox, Google Chrome & Apple’s Safari. So what does this mean for the corporate organisations out there? […] Read more

Jul, 02, 2009


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