Introducing XGBoost.Net – .Net wrappers for the awesome XGBoost library

Introducing XGBoost.Net – .Net wrappers for the awesome XGBoost library XGBoost is a big part of our Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics toolkit here at PicNet.  We use it almost heavily for our proof of concept and prototype work and it is always present in ensembles for production systems.  We usually host our python models on […] Read more

Dec, 06, 2016


Download XGBoost Windows x64 Binaries and Executables

[Edit]: These builds (since 19th of Dec 2016) now have GPU support.  If this causes any issues let me know and I’ll create 2 separate binaries. I will be attempting to host nightly builds of XGBoost.  The full list of builds is here: Any missing days mean a failure of the build script on that night. […] Read more

Sep, 22, 2016


How to build XGBoost on Windows – Now with GPU support

Congratulations to the XGBoost team who have sorted out a lot of issues with XGBoost build on windows. This is how I managed to build XGBoost on my environment: Windows 10 Visual Studio 2015 Install CMake CMake can be downloaded from here: I downloaded the 64 bit zip file: and unzipped it to c:\dev\cmake-3.6.2-win64-x64. [Edit […] Read more

Sep, 22, 2016


Angular2 (NG2) Focus Directive

Requesting focus on an input field is surprisingly hard in angular2.  Especially when the input field is inside a dialog or an *ngIf that is not initially visible. After much trial and error this is the solution I came up with.  It works on my machine and my scenarios, no other guarantees provided: import {Directive, […] Read more

Sep, 20, 2016


Angular 2 and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

Getting Angular2 and IE9 working together is not very straight forward, since the move to release candidates some of the Shim libraries have been changed and others removed from the NG2 packages making things confusing. After some research this is what I have determined to be the minimum number of “workaround” libs required. Note I […] Read more

Jul, 03, 2016


Upgrading to Angular 2 – Reactive Forms (RC3 New Forms)

Upgrading to new the new form engine in Angular 2 (RC3) is fairly straight forward and not nearly as dawnting as some of the router changes in the past. So here is my quick and dirty how to which worked on my projects (no other guarantee). Firstly – Read the docs One of the issues […] Read more

Jun, 30, 2016


VANguard and Federated Authentication Service

We recently completed an integration project, where we connected a complex QlikView visualisation and analytics application to VANguard federated authentication service.  VANguard is a service provided by the Federal government that allows government agencies to provide single sign on capabilities to their systems to different agencies. The project itself ended up being much more complex […] Read more

Jun, 01, 2016


Angular 2 Forms Wrapper – Clean forms

Angular 2 forms are very powerful, the custom validation support is extremely flexible and easy to use.  However, this power and flexibility comes at a cost; and that is boiler plate.  To nicely integrate validations into the user interface you need a lot of ugly boilerplate template code.  This makes the templates hard to maintain […] Read more

May, 23, 2016


My experience so far with Angular 2

I know it’s still early in the piece for ng2 but we have to date worked on 3 angular 2 projects.  These projects range from very small (5-10 pages/routes) to medium (50-70 pages/routes).  We started on beta1 and we are now here at RC1, here is my experience so far: Bad Parts CSS Frameworks Are […] Read more

May, 20, 2016


Review of Keras (Deep Learning) Core Layers

Introduction: This is the first part in a planned series of posts which aims to explore the core layers in the Keras source code.  These posts aim to take practical / a non-theoretical approach whereby we use code samples to demonstrate real usages of the Keras layers being investigated. Debug All the code in this […] Read more

May, 16, 2016


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