Google Closure Template Project – Getting Started Quickly with Google Closure Tools

One of the hardest things about getting started properly with Google Closure Tools is that it has a huge amount of framework boilerplate that needs to be organised in order to write your first line of code. I have found that the effort is definately worthwhile but the process can definatelly be simplified.  These views are shared by […] Read more

Oct, 15, 2010


IndexedDB Google Closure extern file

I’ve been doing some work with IndexedDB (on Mouse Eye Tracking) recently and created a closure extern file (download) to help with the process. Hope this helps someone 🙂 Please let me know if someone would like me to create an open source project somewhere to continue improving this. Note: The specs and FF implementation appear to […] Read more

Aug, 29, 2010


Annotated, Google Closure Javascript Compiler – Visual Studio Snippets

I have spoken in the past about my great respect for the closure project.  This project brings some semblance of order to the chaotic and dangerous world of large application javascript development.  However it also has some problems, the biggest of this being the fact that it is very verbose.  This small set of Visual […] Read more

Jun, 03, 2010


Split Testing (A/B Testing) in ASP.Net Mvc

Working on our website heat maps product, Mouse Eye Tracking, has allowed us to really get into some of the more lean and super agile approaches to developing software.  Something that we have loved doing recently is Split Testing (or A/B Testing). Its really amazing how much time you can save when using techniques like […] Read more

May, 11, 2010


Visitor Heat Maps in WordPress – New Plugin

Hi All, I’m pleased to announce that we have just released a new WordPress plugin that will allow you to effortlessly add the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service to your WordPress website / blog. Now you can see exactly what your visitors are doing on your web site and not need to change a single html […] Read more

May, 04, 2010


Lean css in javascript

This weekend I was looking at the project and found it very interesting.  There is also a .net implementation.  The basic features of these projects is to make css less verbose, they do this by offering features like mixins, variables and nested rules.  Now all of this is very straight forward lexical analysis to […] Read more

Apr, 19, 2010


Javascript Tips, Tricks and Hacks

JavaScript is by far the most expressive language I use today, that expresiveness is a result of the amount of flexibility that the language gives the developer.  This is also the same reason why it is so hard to develop in JS, however I will not be focusing on that here.  This article is solely […] Read more

Apr, 14, 2010


Google Explorercanvas (excanvas) for IE. Silverlight vs VML

Many people do not realise that excanvas has a silverlight implementation.  This implementation is apparently less stable (I have had very few issues with it) but much much faster.  The only real draw back as I see it is that it requires clients to have silverlight installed (stat owl has this penetration rate at about […] Read more

Mar, 15, 2010


Automatic Google Page Position Report

Overview The position of your website in the Google organic search is quickly becomming one of the most critical marketting measures.  This page/script will allow you to automate this process. How To Sign up for a google Ajax API Key ( – You will get a jsapi key from google, something like this     ‘ABQIAXFEakaXw3_Fd-zqqMhjDLzqaRTTser7lsytcEDBoz0jKRWQmOpxexR7x409podV88a5eoPr2KIvw8Ub3B’ […] Read more

Mar, 10, 2010


How to prevent ‘Stop running this script’ message in browsers

Avoiding the ‘Script taking too long’ (all browsers have some form or another of this) message in browsers is relatively simple. You just have to make sure the browser knows you have not created an endless loop or recursion. And the easiest way to do is is to just give the browser a breather in […] Read more

Mar, 04, 2010


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