Mouse Tracking vs. Eye Tracking

Note: I tried to make this article as unbiased as possible but being the father of a newborn mouse tracking service I highly doubt I achieved this. So please read this with an open mind and feel free to research both solutions. Since the limited release of our Mouse Eye Tracking service we have had […] Read more

Feb, 03, 2010


PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking Service Limited Release

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, this is because we have been working very hard to release a new product and it gives me great pleasure to announce that today we have flicked on the switch. The product is called the Mouse Eye Tracking service. […] Read more

Jan, 27, 2010


Promising Signs From the IE Team

I was excited to read about IE joining the W3C SVG Working Group. This hopefully means that IE 9 will have SVG support. There has been a lot of noise around IE 9 and graphics rendering but this is the first solid hint as to which direction that will take. I am crossing my fingers […] Read more

Jan, 07, 2010


Javascript runtime compilation using Asp.Net and Google’s Closure Compiler

Overview Working on complex javascript projects usually means working with lots of javascript files. When it comes time to deploy this to production it can be be very tedious and sometimes dangerous to do this manually. This solution compiles all the javascript files in a directory to a single minified file ideal for release. This […] Read more

Dec, 10, 2009


Game of Life in JQuery

Hi All, I’ve just done a tutorial video on JQuery, I chose to hack together a quick version of the Game of Life.  This tutorial aims to show how JQuery can help you modify the DOM on the fly and do some nifty manipulations.  I hope you enjoy. Please let me know if there are […] Read more

Nov, 10, 2009


Advanced Javascript Tutorials

I’ve decided to do a series of videos on using Javascript. I believe that js is one of the most poorly used tools out there and I think that is because it is different to most languages and those differences are slight enough to slip under the covers. I.e. People can develop in javascript using […] Read more

Oct, 27, 2009


Rendering a Spark Partial View to a string

I needed to do this recently so I searched the interweb and quickly found this great article by Brent Edwards: Now don’t get me wrong, this works and is explained very well but I don’t see the point in re-creating the ViewEngine? So I cleaned this up and ended up with: public static string […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2009


XML Settings Files – No more web.config

One of my pet hates is working on projects where previous developers have decided to dump all of their settings in the web.config file. ¬†Some of the reasons why I dislike this practice is: It looks horrible You cannot modify settings at run time (it restarts the application) You are mixing application deployment config info […] Read more

Sep, 10, 2009


Sharing MVC Views Across Projects

This is something I have been wanting to do for a while in the ASP.Net world however its not untill recently (with MVC) that this has been a ‘clean’ possibility. This article demonstrates how to do this. Inspiration At PicNet are always trying to deliver quality products at the cheapest possible cost to the user. […] Read more

Aug, 12, 2009


Code Generated DAL (Data Access Layer) using ORM – Article 3

Overview Well, we’re getting to the business end of these series of articles. In this article we will complete our PicNet.CodeGeneratedDALDemo.Data implementation, which means we will generate all of the required POCO files. We will also create a few tests to test the whole thing out. Generating the NHibernate POCO Objects To generate the POCOs […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2009


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