Naming Conventions in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

In this article I am going to discuss the importance of naming conventions in ML projects. What do I mean by naming conventions?  I mainly mean using descriptive ways of labelling features in a data set.  What is the reason for this?  Speed of experimentation. Naming Conventions Categorical columns start with ‘c_’ Continuous (numerical) columns […] Read more

Aug, 26, 2014


Using private partial classes to hide implementation details of an interface. Workaround for package level protection in C#

I miss very few things from the Java language, one gem I really miss is the package-private accessibility modifier. This was so useful, your IDE colour coded your package classes in another colour so you knew they were not part of the public API. You could skim read the files in a package (namespace) and […] Read more

Jul, 26, 2012


Solid Principles: Part Two – Open Closed Principle

‘Software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension but closed for modification.‘ [R. Martin] The OCP is a set of strategies based on inheritance and polymorphism that aims to make code more extensible with fewer side effects when extending. The way side effects are controlled is by adding functionality to the system without […] Read more

Jun, 20, 2012


Solid Principles: Part One

Over the coming weeks I plan to do a bit of a study on the SOLID principles.  SOLID stands for: Single Responsibility Open-Closed Liskov Substitution Interface Segregation Dependency Inversion The term was coined by Robert Martin []. The five principles if used judiciously should result in code that is easier to maintain by being highly […] Read more

May, 14, 2012


A faster, better sql server and sql azure log appender for log4net

After much effort, trying to get the default DatabaseAppender working in log4net I decided to write my own, so with the help of one of my alpha geeks (Tnx Chinsu) we created this awesome (its awesome because it uses batch inserts and actually works on Azure) database appender for Log4Net. Use at your own […] Read more

May, 11, 2011


Understanding Nancy – Sinatra for .Net

For a project we are currently working on here at PicNet we decided to forgo the bloat of ASP.Net and Mvc and go for a super light weight web platform. We tried Kayak but this was a little too ‘bare’ so we then shifted our attention to Nancy which is a Sinatra clone (well, “inspired” […] Read more

Mar, 22, 2011


PicNet’s Closure Library Controls Now Public!!!

It gives me great pleasure to anounce that PicNet’s closure control library is now public.  We have started with only 2 of our controls but over the next few weeks we will port all of our control code to this project. For a demo just visit The google closure library is a project that I […] Read more

Jan, 11, 2011


Google Closure Template Project – Getting Started Quickly with Google Closure Tools

One of the hardest things about getting started properly with Google Closure Tools is that it has a huge amount of framework boilerplate that needs to be organised in order to write your first line of code. I have found that the effort is definately worthwhile but the process can definatelly be simplified.  These views are shared by […] Read more

Oct, 15, 2010


IndexedDB Google Closure extern file

I’ve been doing some work with IndexedDB (on Mouse Eye Tracking) recently and created a closure extern file (download) to help with the process. Hope this helps someone 🙂 Please let me know if someone would like me to create an open source project somewhere to continue improving this. Note: The specs and FF implementation appear to […] Read more

Aug, 29, 2010


Annotated, Google Closure Javascript Compiler – Visual Studio Snippets

I have spoken in the past about my great respect for the closure project.  This project brings some semblance of order to the chaotic and dangerous world of large application javascript development.  However it also has some problems, the biggest of this being the fact that it is very verbose.  This small set of Visual […] Read more

Jun, 03, 2010


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