Code Generated DAL (Data Access Layer) using ORM – Article 3

Overview Well, we’re getting to the business end of these series of articles. In this article we will complete our PicNet.CodeGeneratedDALDemo.Data implementation, which means we will generate all of the required POCO files. We will also create a few tests to test the whole thing out. Generating the NHibernate POCO Objects To generate the POCOs […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2009


Code Generated DAL (Data Access Layer) using ORM – Article 2

PicNet and PicNet.Data Projects Hi All, In this article we will look at some of the libraries/classes required by the generated DAL.  These libraries simply have base classes and utility classes that make life a little easier. PicNet.Data.IEntity IEntity is the core interface of the data layer.  This interface defines all common behaviour for all […] Read more

Jul, 09, 2009


Code Generated DAL (Data Access Layer) using ORM – Article 1

Hi All, This is the first in a series of posts about building a code generated data access layer.  Over the next few weeks I will be publishing articles that will allow you to understand why the approach taken here at PicNet produces such high quality systems.  Basically this approach is to use a code […] Read more

Jul, 08, 2009


JQuery Table Filter Plugin

This project has moved. New Home Page Update 1/Mar/2010 The home page for this project is now at  Was this plugin useful for you? The PicNet Table Filter is free, so we appreciate if you would help us out by recommending us on LinkedIn. Alternatively, write us a review on Google Places mentioning how […] Read more

Jun, 29, 2009


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