Please keep sending IT work off shore…. I need a new car!

It’s fascinating to see company after company send IT work off shore in search of “cost savings” that many times result in the opposite. I have been in IT Management roles for 23 years and for the last 7 running my IT services firm. I talk to many IT Directors and hear and read the […] Read more

Jun, 24, 2009


7 years

PicNet has reached 7 years in business, providing IT Managed Services to medium and large corporations in Australia. Its founder (Marco Tapia) is very proud to share this blog with news, events, announcements and observations about PicNet, its managers, its people and customers. PicNet is located in St Leonards NSW Australia, just a few Kilometres from […] Read more

Jun, 23, 2009


PicNet IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related IT management responsibility as a strategic method for improved operations and focus on core business. PicNet provides managed services for: T Infrastructure Management and Support IT Software Development and support IT project Management and Consulting Typically, the customer remains accountable for the functionality and […] Read more

Jun, 23, 2009


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