For corporates who make extensive use of historical data to make predictions about future business events, PredictBench is a predictive analytics solution that will help guide (or improve) your decision-making as well as assess its risk and business potential.

Unlike relying on historical static data, PredictBench combines machine learning, modelling techniques and data mining to make dynamic reliable analysis that is unique to your business and the economic and environmental factors affecting your industry and the markets in which you operate.

Benefits of PredictBench

  • Unlock the hidden value that lies within your current enterprise data
  • Quickly identify and evaluate new business opportunities
  • Identify your best target market as well as how and when to communicate with them
  • Enhance Decision Making
  • Improve Business Processes
  • Meet defined business goals
  • Reduce Risk

PredictBench will

  • Improve the accuracy of Sales and Demand Forecasting
  • Improve Customer Segmentation and Targeting
  • Minimise Customer Churn
  • Measuring and Forecasting ROI of marketing campaigns
  • Help with Supply chain optimisations
  • Identification of Fraudulent transactions
  • Help with Fault detection

PredictBench Illustrated

Figure – 1

How much will PredictBench cost?

PredictBench is used to develop a proof of concept and it is customised for you within 4 – 8 weeks costing $10K to $20K dependent on a number of factors to be confirmed on consultation.
Maximise the value of your Data
Download the White Paper and learn the significance of getting the real value from your data.

What is Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning?

Once data reaches a certain level of complexity or size it is very difficult to analyse manually. Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics is the use of computer algorithms to analyse this data.

What if I don’t have good data?

Predictive Analytics requires good data however; if you do not have good data today it should not stop you from trying to have good data tomorrow.

PicNet can help you modify your existing systems to start recording good data today.

What if I don’t have big data?

You can gain enormous insights from your small data if it’s good quality. In fact the buzzword ‘Big Data’ is so prevalent because prior to the modern use of predictive analytics there was no use in having large quantities of data; it was just not possible for humans to process efficiently.

Why Picnet?

PicNet’s experience in data systems development spans over 10 years. Our predictive analytics team is led by the Kaggle Master Guido Tapia, a world-class machine learning practitioner with over 20 years of development and artificial intelligence experience. Guido has built a small team of highly passionate and competent data scientists that are always looking for the next big challenge.

Find out more

To find out more about how PicNet can assist your organisation in getting real value from your data please enter your details and one of our data scientists will call you shortly to discuss your needs.


Broadening our capabilities -
Why not let us take care of your Software needs?

With our Software Engineering and our IT Project Management and Consulting Services you can rest assured that we've got everything, from developing and supporting your enterprise mobility solutions to your web based Html5 systems, covered. With software development and support out of the way, our services allow you to go back to the things that you do best... making sure your business thrives.

Our Software Engineering Capabilities extend beyond big data and predictive analytics

PicNet Software Engineering offers a proven service that can build, maintain and enhance enterprise systems to deliver value to your business.

What we do

Enterprise Web Applications

Leverage the benefits of web applications - Available to your employees and customers anytime, anywhere, delivers seamless upgrades, connect with social networks and access advanced analytics and tracking.

Enterprise Business Systems

Need a new system developed from scratch? Support, maintenance and enhancements including but not limited to intranets, task tracking, budget, inventory and point of sale systems.

Enterprise Mobility Applications

Android, iPhone, Tablets and Windows Phone applications that integrate with your existing systems and provide superior convenience to your customers and users.

Agility and Efficiency

We offer an agile, iterative approach to software development. This allows us to rapidly and flexibly deliver high-quality software solutions.

Legacy Systems

We are experienced in handling critical legacy systems, replacing or updating them with new technologies to extend their useful life.

Project Recovery

If you've terminated a relationship with an existing provider and need to pick up the pieces or need resources to help a struggling internal team - We help get troubled projects back on track to meet your deadlines.

Industry Specialisation

We have specialised experience in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and logistics sector, with deep knowledge of regulatory requirements and the handling of sensitive data.

Technology Expertise

We work with a number of technologies including but not limited to: Microsoft.Net, Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML 5

A selection of successful software projects


Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox Australia is part of a world leading enterprise for business and document management services. PicNet has developed its main enterprise mobile maintenance application using HTML5.



XchangeIT is a data and document management company. XchangeIT manages data with the goal of improving efficiencies for customers in product supply, sales and returns, resulting in cost reductions in their supply chain. PicNet maintain and enhance the main engine of the XchangeIT system and its clients deployed to more than 3000 users.

Pfizer Australia

Pfizer Australia is the nation's leading provider of prescription medicines and animal health products. We helped Pfizer build Budgeting & Forecasting Systems, an Enhanced Primary Care Workflow Application and supplied .Net development resources as needed.

Novartis Australia

Novartis is a diversified healthcare company and our uniquely broad business portfolio focuses on science-based healthcare sectors that are growing, reward innovation and enhance the lives of patients. PicNet has developed and supports numerous software solutions for Novartis Australia.

Travelex Australia

Travelex are a leading global foreign exchange specialist enabling thousands of commercial and personal customers to access, transfer and exchange money - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide website development, maintenance and support to Travelex's Australian website and partner websites.

DMS Maritime

DMS Maritime (DMS) is the largest maritime services provider in Australia, managing and operating over 550 vessels, ranging from offshore support vessels to harbour support craft. We have a strong and long standing relationship with DMS, consulting with them on all aspects of information technology.

Solutions - The PicNet Table Filter

Used by many thousands around the world, the PicNet table filter is a show case of our software engineering capabilities; it allows you to select information from databases based on multiple search criteria, something that takes a long time to do manually in particular if the process needs to be repeated.

IT Project Management and Consulting services

Our IT Project Management and Consulting services underline all our offering and provide the customer with risk free solutions and services.

They include;

  • IT strategy
  • IT audits and reviews
  • Information protection and business resilience
  • BCP/DR and Backups
  • IT Project Management, project advisory and Business Analysis
  • Big data & Predictive Analytics - consulting, design and implementation
  • Cloud design and management services
  • Productivity analysis
  • IT risk assessment
  • Critical Process Analysis & Improvement
  • IT due diligence before M&A
  • Pharmaceutical IT Validation

Case Study: PicNet managed the WiFi rollout of 100 stores across Australia.

The PicNet Difference

Our People

Our highly skilled consultants truly differentiate us from our competitors. We only employ professionals with extensive industry experience and a proven track record, which favorably positions us to meet the needs of each individual project. Over the years, this has resulted in a large network of consultants and contacts that allows us to build first class teams carefully tailored to each assignment.

The Project Initiation Process

When considering any new project, we place significant effort in to the project initiation process to ensure that we fully understand our customer's needs for both the short and long term. This information is processed and reviewed by our senior consultants and used to configure the most optimum solution.

The PicNet Model

Our unique IT management model - based on people, information and collaboration - allows us to deliver fast, quality work that is customized, flexible and accommodating to your business needs.

Our Methodology

Our Project Execution methodologies define a dependable approach with a reliable formula to drive each step of the project and remain focused on the end result. Most importantly - We achieve results. For many projects, the planning phase can seem quite orderly and relatively straightforward, however when it comes to execution, things seldom go to plan. This is usually because not enough thought is given to establishing proper quality, communications, controls and risk management strategies during project start up and initiation. At PicNet, our project management approach is founded on PRINCE2 and a unique Project Execution approach that tightly controls the scope and is very pragmatic, while always remaining focussed on the end product. PicNet utilizes global best practice methodology and frameworks such as PRINCE2, ITIL and PicNet's own Business Continuity Methodology and technologies (Risk Shield®), our consulting services are tailored to add value to organisations and to minimise the risk of managing your IT.

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