Using Trello to manage tasks and issues in Software Projects

We use Trello in our software projects to help us better manage tasks and issues as well as to increase efficiency through better collaboration between the developers, BA, QA/testers and Project Managers. I’m going to share my experience with using Trello and what I found to work and not work. What is Trello? For those not […] Read more

Mar, 28, 2018


Cloud is changing the IT Professional’s Skills

  The shift from “traditional” IT to cloud IT is well and truly underway. Many public, private organisations and government agencies are moving a part or all of their IT systems into the cloud. The move to the cloud has resulted in a big change in the types of skills required by IT Professionals in […] Read more

Oct, 24, 2016


Some Tips for a smooth IT Transition into a new office

Having being involved in several office moves and projects to setup IT services in the new office, I have seen some moves that have gone fairly smoothly and some moves that have been very challenging. In this blog entry I will share some of my tips for any Project Manager and/or IT Manager who need […] Read more

IBM Smart Cloud Enterprise

It has been over a year since IBM launched its public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Smart Cloud Enterprise (SCE) and over three months since PicNet moved its external facing applications to SCE. From this, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the experience. The Service IBM SCE is an […] Read more

Jul, 03, 2012


Organisational Resilience in Business Continuity

Following my previous blog post on Business Continuity, I would like to continue today on the same theme, but this time moving to the concept of resilience.  Resilience in the context of Business Continuity can be defined as a combination of the following: Not being vulnerableIs your infrastructure, processes and plans capable of responding to […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2010


The Business is Essential to Business Continuity Planning

The topic of the last PicNet User Group meeting was on Business Continuity and Resilience.  The discussion in this meeting revolved around the importance of business involvement and eventual business ownership in a successful BCP project and how to develop resilience in an organisation.  It is from these discussions I would like to share some […] Read more

Feb, 24, 2010


Riverbed Performance Optimizations – Beyond the default Configuration

After working with the Riverbed Steelhead Appliances for a number of years now I thought I would share some of the additional performance tweaks you can make beyond the out the box configuration without the need to contact Riverbed Technical Support. Some of the tweaks here require that you have the latest version of the Steelhead […] Read more

Feb, 19, 2010


Five tips to kit out your data centre on the cheap

This is a great article put up by for any IT Manager out there:,five-tips-to-kit-out-your-data-centre-on-the-cheap.aspx/0

Feb, 01, 2010


Cloud Computing Offering Comparison

Hello and welcome to my first new blog post of the decade…aka 2010! I recently underwent a research of the various big cloud providers as part of a new project / product inside PicNet and I thought this would be a good place to share with you some of my thoughts on the differences between […] Read more

Jan, 13, 2010


The unspoken truth about why your IT sucks

I stumbled across this article this morning and found it quite an interesting read. The article describes why many organisations struggle with IT due to a lack of standard definitions for terminology and practices. Click here:

Dec, 15, 2009


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