VANguard and Federated Authentication Service

We recently completed an integration project, where we connected a complex QlikView visualisation and analytics application to VANguard federated authentication service.  VANguard is a service provided by the Federal government that allows government agencies to provide single sign on capabilities to their systems to different agencies. The project itself ended up being much more complex […] Read more

Jun, 01, 2016


Angular 2 Forms Wrapper – Clean forms

Angular 2 forms are very powerful, the custom validation support is extremely flexible and easy to use.  However, this power and flexibility comes at a cost; and that is boiler plate.  To nicely integrate validations into the user interface you need a lot of ugly boilerplate template code.  This makes the templates hard to maintain […] Read more

May, 23, 2016


My experience so far with Angular 2

I know it’s still early in the piece for ng2 but we have to date worked on 3 angular 2 projects.  These projects range from very small (5-10 pages/routes) to medium (50-70 pages/routes).  We started on beta1 and we are now here at RC1, here is my experience so far: Bad Parts CSS Frameworks Are […] Read more

May, 20, 2016


Review of Keras (Deep Learning) Core Layers

Introduction: This is the first part in a planned series of posts which aims to explore the core layers in the Keras source code.  These posts aim to take practical / a non-theoretical approach whereby we use code samples to demonstrate real usages of the Keras layers being investigated. Debug All the code in this […] Read more

May, 16, 2016


Upgrading from Angular 2 beta 17 to Angular 2 RC1

Upgrading through the angular2 betas has been a bit of a pain with lots of breaking changes but it seemed manageable.  However, upgrading to RC1 was bad…  So in the hopes of helping others here is my step by step guide.  Please note: This works on my project.  If you have other dependencies I do […] Read more

May, 10, 2016


PredictBench successfully predicts product classifications for one of the world’s largest ecommerce and FMCG companies

As any large FMCG (CPG) is aware, classifying products correctly is critical to having good analytics capabilities.  It is also clear to any global organisation that this is a surprisingly difficult task to achieve.  Most regions use different classifications and combining them on a global scale is a non-trivial task.  It is such a difficult […] Read more

Jun, 02, 2015


Machine Learning for the FMCG Industry

A detailed observation on the potential benefits of using modern Machine Learning technologies in the FMCG vertical Executive Summary The unique characteristics of the FMCG industry make it an ideal candidate for Machine Learning and associated technologies. These characteristics include very large volumes of transactions and data, and a large number of data sources that […] Read more

Apr, 30, 2015


PredictBench set to go global

The official announcement of the Elevate 61 participants was release today.  We are very proud to be included in this list.  Our latest offering “PredictBench” has been recognised as being innovative and exciting enough for Advance and KPMG to help us take it to the US!! This means we will be extremely busy in the […] Read more

Apr, 01, 2015


The Value of Data – A short guide to learn how to maximise the value of your data.

This is an excerpt from the white paper available here. Over the last few years the data industry has been shaken to its core. We have new names, roles, technologies, products coming out on a daily basis. The term “Big Data” has been overused so much that it may be losing some of its meaning. […] Read more

Nov, 13, 2014


Vowpal Wabbit for Windows and Binary for Win x64

Getting VW working on windows is a real pain.  Even though I had the whole environment set up as described on the readme it still took me a good couple of hours to build. So with absolutely no guarantee or support options here is my built version of vw.exe version 7.7.0.  This was built on a […] Read more

Nov, 13, 2014


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