Email etiquette: rights and wrongs

Whether you think email communication is good or bad, it’s here to stay, and how you compose an email speaks to your professionalism, reliability, and personal image. So here are some tips on how to manage this vital tool. Formality Formality used to be a given in business correspondence, but no longer. Follow the same […] Read more

Mar, 30, 2011


BYO computers … this will become a trend. Be ready.

Suncorp allows staff to BYO computers, tablets       IN what could prove to be a watershed moment for corporate Australia, financial services firm Suncorp will let thousands of employees use their personal computers, including Apple iPads, at work. For the first time in its history, the organisation has decided not to refresh its […] Read more

Mar, 29, 2011


Generating growth and revenue with IT – Interview with ING Direct CIO Andrew Henderson

Rust Report’s CIO’S CORNER Generating growth and revenue with IT March 11, 2011 Andrew Henderson, CIO, ING Direct Gartner identified in its recent Predict 2011 study that “Delivering Growth & Innovation via IT” is now at the top of the issues facing CIOs world wide.  I have written in my blog  ( ) some of my views on […] Read more

Mar, 11, 2011


Managing Business Cases – Rust Repor’s CIO’s Corner: Marco Tapia talks to Leigh Berrell

Managing IT business cases February 25, 2011 Leigh Berrell CIOs and IT executives are under increasing pressure to provide business cases for IT projects, clearly identifying how a project will generate savings, enhance productivity, and even play a part in revenue generation. One clear example is the upgrade or implementation of new IT infrastructure. New […] Read more

Feb, 25, 2011


R&D where do we fit? Not very well….

In a recent speech before the members of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S. President Barack Obama said the United States should invest 3 percent or more of its annual gross domestic product (GDP) in basic and applied scientific research funding. A 3 percent investment would represent the largest investment in U.S. history, an even […] Read more

Dec, 09, 2010


The future of IT departments…

  Is the influence of the IT department waxing or waning in today’s organisations? Lou Hablas (director of IT for RZIM): “Cloud computing will undoubtedly reduce the need for staff at the organisational level, but likely increase the need for staff at the cloud level and the outsourcing level. I think the rise of locally-based […] Read more

Sep, 10, 2010


Shrewd search engines know what you want

PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking uses these concepts and technologies to provide visualization of users activity on your web site. You can use the output of it to redesign or adjust your website. Innovation: Shrewd search engines know what you want 09 July 2010 by Colin Barras Source: For better or worse, search engines have become the […] Read more

Jul, 23, 2010


Wasting your time managing staff rather than delivering the required IT services?

It is a well known fact that Information Technology professionals – AKA Computer people (mainly IT Support and Developers) are professionals with superior skills developed over time with keen intentions of keeping them up-to-date. Unlike many other fields, IT changes almost daily. On the infrastructure front, new communication technologies emerge all the time (GSM, 3G, […] Read more

May, 05, 2010


Four Corners’ “Chinese Whispers” – Wake up Australia

On June 24th 2009 I wrote the blog “Please keep sending IT work off shore…. I need a new car!”   Part of it highlighted the risk to National Security of not having sufficient and qualified IT skills in the future.   From last night’s ABC TV Four Corners program “Chinese Whispers” I can see […] Read more

Apr, 20, 2010


How to create a customer service culture

Here are some basic tips of DOs and DON’Ts on how to create a customer service culture within your organization, in particular I highlight behaviour that needs to be exhibited to achieve superior service and also what management can do to entrench the culture in the organisation. Management: Indicate your intent of providing superior customer […] Read more

Mar, 29, 2010


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