Web 2.0 – what is it? A practical and realistic definition of Web 2.0

After reading many web sites, discussed with peers, IT professionals, Marketing people, etc, I think I have come across to best possible definition of Web 2.0 I attended an AMCHAM seminar by Dominic Thurbon from the Productivity Project who enlightened the audience with what I believe is the most practical and appropriate definition of Web […] Read more

Oct, 13, 2009


New web site for PicNet – 50 reasons why you need a web site

We have produced a new web site for PicNet including a refreshed corporate image, look and feel. Our top notch web designer, the creative and the development teams have put together a great web site to inform our customers and prospects of our business and to share our services and products offering with the world. We […] Read more

Sep, 30, 2009


Spam – is it a real problem? More than 90% of emails are spam.

At PicNet we managed service a number of corporate environments, and at some, we have installed Google email filtering powered by Postini (that we resell rebranded as Risk shield email protection). At others, we have Sophos and also GFI MailEssentials. From the statistics point of view it doesn’t matter what system is used. They all […] Read more

Sep, 14, 2009


Do you wonder how to complete an IT project on time?

Have you ever wonder about the feeling of completing an IT project on time? Believe it or not, there are a good number of examples where IT projects have been completed on time, on budget and as per agreed specifications. The most basic form of controlling a project to end it on time is the […] Read more

Aug, 27, 2009


IT Managed Services – when and why?

IT Managed and Support Services – is the practice of transferring day-to-day related IT management responsibility as a strategic method for improved operations and focus on core business. Typically, the customer remains accountable for the functionality and performance of the IT managed service and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility to the service provider […] Read more

Aug, 17, 2009


Top 10 Technologies replacing the need for extra labour – Jobless recovery

A lot has been said about the economic recovery after the GFC. They (“the experts”) talk about a jobless recovery, i.e. a recovery without extra people or a recovery that may delay for a while the employment of people and hence unemployment will remain high for longer than expected. “They” point towards a recovery based […] Read more

Aug, 11, 2009


The NBN – Australian National Broadband Network – It will be fantastic

The NBN planned by the Australian Government will just be a fantastic piece of infrastructure that will enhance business, education, entertainment, health, communications, security, etc. It will be a fundamental underlying infrastructure that will greatly facilitate the way we operate today. Think for a minute how life and business was just a few years back […] Read more

Jul, 27, 2009


Unemployed CIO (IT Manager)? – I can see a great future ahead of you…

Unemployed CIO (IT Manager)? – I can see a great future ahead of you… Top skills that CIOs/IT Managers need to acquire. There is no secret that right now that CIO’s employment opportunities are in very short supply. In Sydney, there was ONE CIO job advertised in June-July 09 and NONE for IT Managers. Companies […] Read more

Jul, 20, 2009


Recruiting permanent/full time IT staff may not be the way to go if your core business is not IT.

Is Information Technology (IT) your core business? The reason why most users bypass or hate the internal IT department is because they are always too busy to do what they are supposed to do i.e. service their customers. Why they are so busy? Mainly because they spend a huge amount of time managing people rather […] Read more

Jun, 30, 2009


Please keep sending IT work off shore…. I need a new car!

It’s fascinating to see company after company send IT work off shore in search of “cost savings” that many times result in the opposite. I have been in IT Management roles for 23 years and for the last 7 running my IT services firm. I talk to many IT Directors and hear and read the […] Read more

Jun, 24, 2009


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