Data Mining: The golden opportunity being ignored by most Aussie businesses

If you are in business you’ve probably heard of ‘data mining’. Often discussed in the same breath as predictive analytics or machine learning, it is usually mentioned as the next big breakthrough for business. According to Wikipedia “Data mining is an interdisciplinary subfield of computer science. It is the computational process of discovering patterns in […] Read more

Oct, 25, 2016


The rise of the chief information officer – A fantastic shift is occurring in IT Management

The rise of the chief information officer In July 2012 (3 years ago) I wrote the article below about the “fantastic shift occurring in IT Management. I reckon I was right on the mark! I just read a new and similar article published in the Washington Post (edited below) which basically confirms and stress further […] Read more

Oct, 08, 2015


From a Business Analyst to a Big Analyst

The world of traditional business analysis is well-known. Interesting challenges and state of the art methodologies guide the work of a business analyst (BA) – from the discovery and gathering of requirements through to the design of the business requirements and to the characterisation of a system or technology that supports the business. However, the […] Read more

Dec, 05, 2014


Project Management for a Wifi rollout

Successfully managing a project requires a finely tuned balance of technical knowledge, communication skills, and coordination abilities. Project management is just that — the ability to manage a team of individuals, whom are driven by a common goal, to levels of success that were previously dubbed ‘unattainable.’ A recently finished project management role by PicNet […] Read more

Jul, 22, 2014


Offshoring is finally dead !

Offshoring is finally dead. ! Well, according to Gartner (Predict 2013) and my own experience by talking to business people returning from a bad offshoring experience; there are strong indications that offshoring is struggling if not definitely coming to an end. The reasons given and the feedback I have are: Quality of the delivery has […] Read more

Technologies and skills that can enhance or diminish productivity

Productivity is doing more with less or doing the same faster and/or cheaper. So, the removal of inefficiency means increase of productivity. Implementing new business systems, using some new technology effectively, improving technology related skills have shown to be an important way to improve business productivity. Following is the author’s selection of a set of […] Read more

Jan, 22, 2013


IT Service Desk Models

What is the difference between a call centre, a help desk and an IT service desk (ITSD)? With over 10 years experience in IT, we break down what an IT service desk is, the pros and cons of various ITSD models and the types of organisations they’re suited to. There are a number of ways […] Read more

Oct, 02, 2012


A fantastic shift is occurring in IT Management

For a while, there had been predictions of the death of the internal IT department. Wrong! There had also been predictions about the death of the IT Manager and CIO. Wrong! What is just occurring, in my view, is a fantastic shift, a shift from being a support function and a cost centre to a new function […] Read more

Jul, 02, 2012


Do you wonder how to complete an IT project on time?

Have you ever wonder about the feeling of completing an IT project on time? Believe it or not, there are a good number of examples where IT projects have been completed on time, on budget and as per agreed specifications. The most basic form of controlling a project to end it on time is the […] Read more

Aug, 27, 2009


IT Managed Services – when and why?

IT Managed and Support Services – is the practice of transferring day-to-day related IT management responsibility as a strategic method for improved operations and focus on core business. Typically, the customer remains accountable for the functionality and performance of the IT managed service and does not relinquish the overall management responsibility to the service provider […] Read more

Aug, 17, 2009


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