Is tech addiction making us far more stressed at work?

Is tech addiction making us far more stressed at work? By Padraig Belton Technology of Business reporter BBC.COM – 13 June 2016   We are the distracted generations, wasting hours a day checking irrelevant emails and intrusive social media accounts. And this “always on” culture – exacerbated by the smartphone – is actually making us […] Read more

Aug, 17, 2016


5 exciting technologies for the Building and Construction industry

5 exciting technologies for the Building and Construction industry Digital and Information Technologies have changed the way business is done across the entire economy. The building and construction sector is not alone and new technologies that can give them a productivity advantage.  These 5 new technologies show promise and would be worth the attention of any […] Read more

Mar, 30, 2016


Productivity and the impact of the digital revolution – who is right who is wrong?

Much has been said about the power of technology to improve productivity. It appears obvious to most that when a new technological innovation, system or fancy gadget is introduced some positive impact on productivity is expected. I wrote in May this year how you can achieve productivity using Predictive Analytics. In January 2012 I wrote […] Read more

Aug, 18, 2015


Productivity improvements using Predictive Analytics

Improving productivity is the holy grail of most strategist and business executives. In order to sustain a high standard of living, productivity must be constantly improved. There are numerous ways to increase productivity, ranging from basic use of modern IT systems such as smart phones, iPads, CRM systems, etc. A new and more sophisticated way […] Read more

May, 26, 2015


Motion: Social media addiction is a productivity killer

 A – For the motion John Boitnott ( goes to say: “Social media updates are similar to eating French fries. If you’re like most people, you can’t have just one.” Furthermore he says: “social media addiction is a productivity Killer”. An extract of his full article follows (Full article here: “Social media can be […] Read more

May, 18, 2015


Are we getting poorer? Our productivity numbers indicate so.

I began to study and write about Productivity back in 2011 at the pick of the mining boom in Australia. Although our national wealth increased during that time, our productivity has been declining from even earlier than that. This is a significant concern to the business community and the country. The main reason why this […] Read more

May, 12, 2015


PicNet’s PredictBench set to go global

PredictBench has been selected as a participant in the Elevate61 program – a program backed by KPMG Australia and Advance. Elevate61 is a is a unique program designed to enable high performing Australian businesses to fast track their growth into the United States (US) and beyond. It provides participants with facilitated access to an established network […] Read more

Apr, 01, 2015


Offshoring to countries with rates at slave levels and repatriating profits to tax havens…. Our kid’s future is bleak . A bit of reflection before XMAS.

Just a bit of a XMAS reflection… Offshoring to slave rates countries and repatriating profits to tax havens…. Our kid’s future is bleak A good friend of mine called me to see if my company could provide his son with some work experience during this summer. He told me he has approached a number of […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2014


Business future lies in cloud technology ?

My colleague David Booth recently wrote a nice article about Public Cloud Computing. This can be found here. David’s article is timely and confirmed by the statement that Business Future lies in Cloud Technology as reported by MICHAEL SMITH in the The Australian Financial Review – 24/10/14 “Business leaders say there are huge opportunities to be […] Read more

Oct, 24, 2014


Are you still using tapes for your company backups? They were common in the 90’s

During the 1990’s, tape was the best technology available for backing up and archiving computer data.  But today there’s a better technology – cloud storage.  The cloud is a network of servers that lets companies store and retrieve their data online.  Let’s talk about how the cloud is a better data storage solution than tapes. […] Read more

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