How to create a customer service culture

Here are some basic tips of DOs and DON’Ts on how to create a customer service culture within your organization, in particular I highlight behaviour that needs to be exhibited to achieve superior service and also what management can do to entrench the culture in the organisation. Management: Indicate your intent of providing superior customer […] Read more

Mar, 29, 2010


Mouse Eye Tracking – How to get real value from your website

  We are releasing on a limited fashion (during February) our new product the PicNet Mouse Eye Tracking service.  The PicNet’s Mouse Eye Tracking service provides a sophisticated, effective (and free) IT solution that maximises the investment in your website by showing in detail what your visitors are viewing on each page.  Guido, PicNet’s Software […] Read more

Jan, 27, 2010


Generate Revenue and Forget About Offshoring

Taking on this great opportunity for CIOs, Rodney Gedda wrote on 9th December 2009: Generate Revenue and Forget About Offshoring, Advises ex-CIO. Marco TapiaPicNet – Information Technology ServicesIT Mangement and Support ServicesSoftware Development Services Project Management and Consulting Services Risk Shield – IT Risk Management and Security Services

Jan, 11, 2010


Off shoring – Why bother?

Looking a bit further than the “rate” provided by off shoring services, you find a very deep pool of other issues that need to be considered before off shoring… and then you wonder, why bother? Unless your project is huge and demands enough resources and skills not available in the country, the cost of off […] Read more

Nov, 24, 2009


IT Disaster Recovery Plans may be dead

PicNet Users Group – 22nd October 2009 Topic: Disaster Recovery The PicNet Users Group meets quarterly, bringing together CIOs and senior IT managers of large Australian companies to informally discuss important industry related items. Meeting Outcome  “The evolution of disaster recovery” … “Most DR plans are a disaster Traditional disaster recovery operations have moved on […] Read more

Nov, 05, 2009


A CIO can help the corporation to increase revenue

In the past, IT was a significant expense and seen as a necessary evil. Later, it became “an enabler,” helping organisations make processes more efficient and in many cases, increase productivity by removing costly labour from the process. However, IT is no longer just an enabler. IT is now an intrinsic part of the business […] Read more

Oct, 22, 2009


New web site for PicNet – 50 reasons why you need a web site

We have produced a new web site for PicNet including a refreshed corporate image, look and feel. Our top notch web designer, the creative and the development teams have put together a great web site to inform our customers and prospects of our business and to share our services and products offering with the world. We […] Read more

Sep, 30, 2009


Spam – is it a real problem? More than 90% of emails are spam.

At PicNet we managed service a number of corporate environments, and at some, we have installed Google email filtering powered by Postini (that we resell rebranded as Risk shield email protection). At others, we have Sophos and also GFI MailEssentials. From the statistics point of view it doesn’t matter what system is used. They all […] Read more

Sep, 14, 2009


Please keep sending IT work off shore…. I need a new car!

It’s fascinating to see company after company send IT work off shore in search of “cost savings” that many times result in the opposite. I have been in IT Management roles for 23 years and for the last 7 running my IT services firm. I talk to many IT Directors and hear and read the […] Read more

Jun, 24, 2009


7 years

PicNet has reached 7 years in business, providing IT Managed Services to medium and large corporations in Australia. Its founder (Marco Tapia) is very proud to share this blog with news, events, announcements and observations about PicNet, its managers, its people and customers. PicNet is located in St Leonards NSW Australia, just a few Kilometres from […] Read more

Jun, 23, 2009


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