The rise of the chief information officer – A fantastic shift is occurring in IT Management

The rise of the chief information officer In July 2012 (3 years ago) I wrote the article below about the “fantastic shift occurring in IT Management. I reckon I was right on the mark! I just read a new and similar article published in the Washington Post (edited below) which basically confirms and stress further […] Read more

Oct, 08, 2015


Offshoring is finally dead !

Offshoring is finally dead. ! Well, according to Gartner (Predict 2013) and my own experience by talking to business people returning from a bad offshoring experience; there are strong indications that offshoring is struggling if not definitely coming to an end. The reasons given and the feedback I have are: Quality of the delivery has […] Read more

Technologies and skills that can enhance or diminish productivity

Productivity is doing more with less or doing the same faster and/or cheaper. So, the removal of inefficiency means increase of productivity. Implementing new business systems, using some new technology effectively, improving technology related skills have shown to be an important way to improve business productivity. Following is the author’s selection of a set of […] Read more

Jan, 22, 2013


Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it’s nearly everything

Productivity is the efficiency with which an economy (or a company or a business unit) transforms inputs into outputs. At a high level, improved production efficiency can generate higher real incomes and lead to long term improvements in the living standards of Australians. During the early part of the decade 1999-2009, Australia experienced improved productivity. Recent […] Read more

May, 14, 2012


Web 2.0 – what is it? A practical and realistic definition of Web 2.0

After reading many web sites, discussed with peers, IT professionals, Marketing people, etc, I think I have come across to best possible definition of Web 2.0 I attended an AMCHAM seminar by Dominic Thurbon from the Productivity Project who enlightened the audience with what I believe is the most practical and appropriate definition of Web […] Read more

Oct, 13, 2009


Top 10 Technologies replacing the need for extra labour – Jobless recovery

A lot has been said about the economic recovery after the GFC. They (“the experts”) talk about a jobless recovery, i.e. a recovery without extra people or a recovery that may delay for a while the employment of people and hence unemployment will remain high for longer than expected. “They” point towards a recovery based […] Read more

Aug, 11, 2009


The NBN – Australian National Broadband Network – It will be fantastic

The NBN planned by the Australian Government will just be a fantastic piece of infrastructure that will enhance business, education, entertainment, health, communications, security, etc. It will be a fundamental underlying infrastructure that will greatly facilitate the way we operate today. Think for a minute how life and business was just a few years back […] Read more

Jul, 27, 2009



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